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Jun 20 , 2017

We’ve all become accustomed to the acronyms and buzzwords of the Automotive Industry. They come from far away the time talking to “analyze the QAS, QIS and MOP / MIS to present the TGW’s in PQR” seemed strange to those who were outside.
Terms and acronyms, as mentioned in the last newsletter, such as FMEA, SPC and MSA has long become familiar. Others, such as APQP and PPAP, despite several amendments recommended by OEM’s, also become common vocabulary. However they began to appear new terminologies, which we will analyze in this issue.

MLA – Maturity Level Assurance: New VDA standard, developed by the OEM’s but also by leading German suppliers, to introduce a common approach to the Advanced Product Quality Planning. Based on a definition phase system and their millestones, it is not only here, aiming to put supplier and customer to speak the same language and the same level, both duties and rights.

PPA – Product and Process Approval: Based on VDA 2 (not to be confused with the VDA 6.2, which is another thing), also is not limited to set the rules for a process of initial samples. It includes the so-called trigger matrix that also defines and stipulates the rules to be followed for different product or process change scenarios.

FFA – Field Failure Analysis: Also a VDA standard that defines the procedures to implement the analysis of warranty parts, including a term, new to some, familiar to others, the NTF process – No Trouble Found or how to react in case you can not replicating the effect of the failure.
Finally, the PSB – Product Safety Responsible: requirement VW briefly also be required by other marks, namely German, now with a new. While before this type of reference was requirement for Liability name of the producer, in this case VW developed along with the VDA-QMC a new formation, all of it geared to meet the VW requirements. Thus, this training can also find reference to other topics such as the Formel Q VW or other VDA-QMC standards such as FMEA, with the approach advocated by the VDA-QMC.

So do not be late or exceed the competition. . We will be at your disposal with explanations and with the support you need to identify the appropriate training to their needs
In addition to the courses listed, we also booked dates – already confirmed – for the realization of Auditors qualification ISO System / TS 16949 and Auditors VDA 6.3 process.

Auditors 1st and 2nd party ISO / TS 16949: Training of internal auditors more similar to the formation of 3rd party auditors. This training is given the opportunity to know the methodology followed by the auditors of their certification body and thus become able to replicate the process internally. It includes the most important aspects of the Manual IATF Rules for ISO / TS 16949 certification.

Process auditors VDA 6.3: The correct approach of the VDA-QMC and the OEM’s German (and not only …), including Potential Analysis and Audit VDA 6.3 process. This essentially practical training, also includes approach and comments on the main tools of the Automotive Industry.

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